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[fa icon="calendar"] 06-Nov-2017 17:00:20 / by Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke

In just a short amount of time, we at Cyber Risk Aware have established ourselves as being one of the frontrunners in a new form of network security. We don't focus on technological solutions; we focus on the human element. When 95% of successful cyber-attacks involve a degree of human error, it's clear that even the most well-engineered (and expensive) high-tech security can be subverted with a single "oops."


Accordingly, it's important for us to focus on the human element in our own outreach and education efforts. That's why we're excited about the launch of our new website, which is designed to be easy to navigate and full of useful information about the human side of network security.


In particular, we've made it easier to understand our various service offerings - what they do, and the problems they solve. For example:


Phishing Simulation Solutions: "Phishing" attacks are among the most common ways attackers gain access to critical systems, by tricking employees into giving up protected information. It's estimated that 86% of ransom ware attacks begin by phishing for information from users. Our Phishing Maestro platform allows companies to simulate phishing attacks, testing their employee's awareness of phishing, their ability to spot 'phishy' emails, and on following correct procedure for reporting them.


Security Awareness Training: Proper workforce training at all levels is key to defeating a wide variety of "social engineering" style trickery. We offer a full suite of training materials, including exercises and assessments that allow you to quickly boost your workforce's ability to handle a wide variety of common scams. Our “Small and Often” approach using interactive and engaging content has been proven to really work at reducing cyber risks for businesses and also in your employee’s personal lives.


Real Time Intervention Awareness: Sometimes all it takes to launch an attack is an employee plugging in a compromised USB drive, or clicking on a spoofed URL. Our Real Time Awareness platform continually monitors user behavior for any "red flags" that could lead to an attack, and instantly sends them customizable messaging reminding them of the dangers and appropriate security policies.


Risk Compliance Reporting: Does your business have processes in place for reporting attempted attacks, as well as tracking employee security training and responsiveness? If so, excellent job - but you're in the minority. For everyone else, our Risk Reporting module allows you to quickly assess the level of human cyber risk in your business, track it, and find actionable insights for how to further improve your awareness and training.


Cyber-Knowledge Assessments: This affordable and lightweight module allows businesses to quickly implement either pre-made or custom tests of their workforce's knowledge of security policies. The tests can also be tied into video content for further reinforcement. It's a quick and easy way to know how well your security training is understood, and which areas need further reinforcement.


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We’ve also added an in the news feature where you can find news stories from around the world where the Cyber Risk Aware team have been engaged for their comment and expertise. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter so that you don’t miss an update from our industry news or our blog.


So, from our new product features, to our blog covering the latest in computer security topics, we want to be your trusted source for human cyber security topics. For more information about cyber-threats facing businesses or about our innovative solutions for countering those threats, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.


Stephen Burke

Written by Stephen Burke