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Infographic | Cybercriminals Target People, Not Systems

[fa icon="calendar'] 05-Jul-2019 10:59:25 / by Jennifer Nwaigwe M posted in Human Error, Cyber Risk as a Human Risk, phishing attacks

A recent survey conducted by Ipsos reported that more than half of all C-suite executives (C-Suites) (53%) and nearly 3 in 10 Small Business Owners (SBOs) (28%) who suffered a breach in 2019 identified human error or accidental loss by an external vendor/source as the cause of the data breach.

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How Does the Security Threat Landscape Affect Manufacturing Companies in 2019

[fa icon="calendar'] 15-Jun-2019 10:11:06 / by Cyber Risk Aware posted in GDPR, phishing email, Cyber Risk as a Human Risk, manufacturing

From the dawn of the industrial revolution to just a few years ago, the basic model of manufacturing businesses barely changed at its core. Now, the game is completely different in a world that is increasingly technology and automation dependent. The digital revolution has disrupted many industries and manufacturing is no different. There has been significant transformation across the entire manufacturing value chain, from research and development, supply chain, and factory operations to marketing and sales; leading to significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

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Cyber Risk Aware Partners with NINJIO, Creators of Hollywood-Style Security Awareness Training Content

[fa icon="calendar'] 21-May-2019 12:27:46 / by Jennifer Nwaigwe M posted in Staff Awareness, security awareness training, Cyber Risk as a Human Risk, Security Compliance


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GAMIFICATION:  Trigger “HAPPY” Chemicals with Your Cyber Security Training Program

[fa icon="calendar'] 07-May-2019 13:48:39 / by Jennifer Nwaigwe M posted in Staff Awareness, securty awareness training, Cyber Risk as a Human Risk, gamification

If you have ever filled out a complete profile on LinkedIn (because you wanted to reach that 100% on the profile completeness) or finished a never-ending survey because you were promised a prize at the end, you’ve been gamified.

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Security Awareness Training for Schools and Educational Institutions

[fa icon="calendar'] 10-Apr-2019 16:59:34 / by Jennifer Nwaigwe M posted in Phishing, Spear Phishing, security awareness training, Cyber Risk as a Human Risk, Security Compliance

In our data-driven world, most organisations are at least partially dependent on a measure of electronic storage and networking. Perhaps out of experience, large organisations are generally aware of the need for effective cyber security frameworks including firewalls, access and awareness training, and anti-malware systems. Educational institutions, however, tend to be somewhat behind the curve, when it comes to tightly securing their data-verse. Recently, ethical hackers while testing the computer security of university networks discovered that they were able to successfully breach networks in less than 2 hours by using spear-phishing attacks to gain access to sensitive information. Well over 50 universities across the UK were a part of the test and in almost every case, testers were able to acquire domain-level administrator access used to control systems and gain complete unauthorised access to system information.

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