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Are your employees equipped to respond to a cyber security threat?

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Stephen Burke

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A skills shortage in trained cyber security experts has led to the government identifying cyber crime as top priority. Cyber security skills are essential to any organisation and should play a key role in your company's strategy. Businesses have a responsibility to be vigilant and protect customers' data by securing
their systems.
Those who operate our systems need to be aware of the damage their actions can cause. Users are the root cause of some 95% of network issues, with employees usually unlocking the door to these cyber hackers without realising it.
Organised criminals attack networks, emails, bank accounts and, in essence, our way of life. This has led to a growing demand for expertise to protect online communities and a pressing need for users to educate themselves against online attacks such as phishing, hacking of networks,ransomware attacks, and cyber crime.
Cyber criminals prey on users to access corrupted emails and they are as vulnerable to the attacksas the network. For example, Symantec reported that ransomware infections have risen from 1,000 a day to 4,000 a day this year, with rises in ransoms doubling. In the UK, government research recently identified that two-thirds of big business have been attacked by cyber criminals in the last year.
Data, which is now held by businesses, includes personal information and banking details and any breach in security can cost in excess of millions to companies, as well as untold damage to consumer confidence. Fortunately, companies can now put a system in place to prevent such breaches from ever
happening. Mock phishing campaigns allow you and your company to experience an attack, while mock phishing emails will test your users' response as well as your system's defences. It will allow you to test, plan and prepare against any potential threats. Training can be scheduled or delivered in real time, in response to a detected risky behaviour on your network.
Our cyber security trained experts can give you and your business the training, tools, and confidence needed to adapt to this rapidly changing digital landscape. Our training will educate your users to identify risky behaviour and to increase awareness and your response to online threats.
In this digital age, educating and training your users to respond is the best defence against cyber criminals and the threats they pose, so call us today.
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Stephen Burke

Written by Stephen Burke