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3 ways a CEO may be encouraging cyber crime

[fa icon="calendar"] 05-Nov-2016 00:20:16 / by Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke

As a CEO, you may feel like the responsibility and care of the company is on your shoulders, and will do all you can to keep it protected and secure. However, there are many ways you may be putting the company at risk of a cybercrime without even realising it.

Hackers will often target CEOs, and by penetrating their accounts, they would then have access to all the company's important details. While you may have the major bases covered, some smaller weaknesses and risky behaviour can be overlooked.
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Predictable passwords

Many people use the same password for all of their accounts. While this makes remembering them easy for you, it also makes a hacker's job much more straightforward. Once they have accessed your computer, it is very easy to install a ransomware program. The next step to improving your password protection is to create stronger passwords. Rather than using memorable information, use an online programme to provide random words and change them around often. Ensure you remember your password, and never write it down.

Vulnerable smartphones

Nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and many CEOs rely on them greatly for their day to day work, especially when they are out of the office. Smartphones are very adept at protecting their users, but there are still some human errors than can put you at risk. Be aware of any suspicious emails, and avoid opening any links from email addresses you do not recognise. Some hackers use phishing links to access the smartphones details and download all the information available.

Exposed wi-fi connections

When moving between conferences and meetings, a CEO's smartphone can often jump from one wi-fi connection to the next seamlessly. Cyber criminals are aware of this and have now learnt ways to use this to their advantage. Shadow networks look just like any other wi-fi connection, but once you are connected to it, the hackers can easily hack your accounts and download all your vital information. By turning the phone's automatic connection off, you can be aware of exactly which network your smartphone is connecting to.

If you are concerned for your company's cyber security, then information awareness training programmes are very effective ways of improving this. By developing cyber education and awareness, you and your colleagues will be more aware of the risks to avoid.



Stephen Burke

Written by Stephen Burke